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If you are in a pre-foreclosure stage or falling behind with your mortgage payment there is a way to get back on your feet without depleting your savings, cancel ing your insurance or living on an impossible budget. You are not alone … before you take desperate measures know that there are options.

Are you overwhelmed by your mortage?

A lender approved short sale may be the solution. We can do all the work with the mortgage company so you can avoid the damage of foreclosure at no cost to you. The bank pays all our fees, not you!

What is pre-foreclosure

Find out what happens when you begin falling behind on your mortgage payments and what you can do to stop foreclosure.

What is a Short Sale

Learn the process, key players and terminology involved in a short sale and find out if it could be right for you.

How can a short sale help?

A short sale can help you avoid foreclosure. Find out how it works and if your home could be eligible for a short sale.

Avoid Foreclosure Scams

Let us show you how to determine those that want to help from those that want to take advantage of your situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have many questions about the short sale process and what we can do for you.Let us help you answer them!

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