Should I Have an Open House?

Driving down the street, we are sure you have seen multiple realtor signs that say “OPEN HOUSE”. An open house is when a realtor allows anyone and everyone to walk through the home with or with out a realtor accompanying them. In a way, an open house can look very attractive, but the real question remains: “Do I need an open house to sell my home?” The answer is a firm NO!

Open houses can be risky, which is why not as many realtors are scheduling them nowadays. The problem with open showings is that most sellers think it is the only way they can sell their home. That assumption is wrong! If you have a skilled realtor, they can work to find the right buyer for your home and can convince them to consider your property.

The people attracted to open houses are typically: nosy neighbors, window shoppers who are just wasting a Sunday, and potential criminals. Though you may get lucky and have a potential buyer, that is not likely.

In today’s age, 90% of buyers begin their search online. That said, by having professional photos, a detailed description, and good web appearance, it is more likely that you can find a buyer that is searching online.

This brings us to a very common question… If open houses are not recommended, why does my realtor insist on hosting one? The answer is simple. An open house is a great way for realtors to gain new business. The odds of an agent selling a home as a direct result from an open house is minimal. Ultimately, the choice is yours. Educate yourself on the potential risks and dangers of hosting an open house and keep don’t let your realtor put their interests ahead of yours.

If you are looking for a trusted agent that puts YOU first, give Ryan a call today at 865-693-SOLD(7653)! While you’re at it, see what your home is worth!

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Ryan Coleman

ryan coleman

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