Will More Homes Arrive in the Knoxville, TN Real Estate Market This Year?

As we step into the latter half of 2023, the East Tennessee real estate market, with Knoxville at its heart, has been a topic of avid discussion. Are we in for a surge of homes hitting the market this year? To shed light on this insight, we turn to Ryan Coleman, Broker/Owner of Hometown Realty, a distinguished expert in East Tennessee real estate market, who shares his perspective and insights.

Analyzing Market Trends

The real estate market is a dynamic tapestry woven with the threads of diverse generations. According to the National Association of Realtors, Baby Boomers currently represent the largest share of homebuyers at 39%, marking a significant increase from the previous year. Contrasting this, Generation Z enters the market with 4% of buyers, with a notable 30% making the transition from a family member’s home to homeownership. Ryan Coleman weighs in, stating, “Baby Boomers indeed hold a strong presence in the homebuying market. Their life experiences and accumulated wealth provide them with a unique advantage. However, this advantage also comes with profound questions about their future housing choices.”

Should Baby Boomers Buy or Rent After Selling Their Houses?

Factors Influencing Housing Choices: With escalating rent costs in East Tennessee and the substantial benefits of homeownership, understanding the decisions baby boomers face in choosing between renting and buying is crucial. The decision to buy or rent after selling a home carries substantial weight, particularly for Baby Boomers on the precipice of retirement. Ryan Coleman offers his perspective: “The choice between buying and renting hinges on individual circumstances. If Baby Boomers envision a long-term stay in the area and desire to retain control over their living space, buying may be the favorable choice. However, for those seeking flexibility and reduced responsibilities, renting presents an appealing option. Evaluating one’s financial situation and future goals is paramount to making an informed decision.”

Tips for Baby Boomers Selling Their Small Business for Retirement

Beyond housing decisions, Baby Boomers often grapple with the intricacies of retirement, which may involve selling a small business. Ryan Coleman provides invaluable tips for a smooth transition:

          1. Diversify Your Money: Explore diversified investment options to maximize the potential of your assets.

         2. Financial Statement Closing: Regularly review your financial statements to ensure alignment with your financial objectives.

        3. Removing Yourself from the Business: If you’re a business owner, plan for a seamless transition to avoid potential disruptions during your retirement.

        4. Operational Documentation: Document your financial and operational processes to simplify matters for future generations.

       5. Identify Legal Barriers: Collaborate with legal professionals to identify and address any legal impediments that might affect your financial plans.

Supply and Demand Dynamics

Current Inventory Levels: An in-depth analysis of available housing units in Knoxville TN and its surrounding areas, coupled with insights into future construction projects, provides a comprehensive view of the market’s trajectory. This examination not only delves into the sheer quantity of homes but also scrutinizes their types, sizes, and locations, offering potential sellers a nuanced understanding of the options available to them. Furthermore, tracking historical trends in inventory turnover rates offers vital intelligence on the pace at which properties are entering and exiting the market, a crucial factor in gauging the overall health and competitiveness of the real estate landscape.

Bottom Line

As the Knoxville real estate market experiences this significant demographic shift, it’s essential to stay informed about potential changes in housing inventory. Ryan Coleman, Broker/Owner of Hometown Realty, provides valuable insights into the evolving dynamics of the Knoxville TN market. By understanding these trends, you can make informed decisions about buying, selling, or investing in real estate in this vibrant East Tennessee region.

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