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Blount County is one of the oldest counties in Tennessee. The County was the tenth created in Tennessee when a part of Knox County was separated by the Territorial Legislature in 1795. It was named after William Blount, Governor of the Territory of the United States “South of the River Ohio.” The County seat was authorized to be laid out in 1795 and was named Maryville in honor of Mary Blount, the wife of Governor William Blount.  Lumbering was the first primary industrial trade in Blount County. Today, lumbering has been replaced with many varied occupational opportunities. Over 100 manufacturing plants can be found in Blount County.

Blount County

Welcome to the gorgeous area of Blount County! As of the latest US census, around 138,319 call this area home and around 76% are homeowners. With an average age of 43, the residents of Blount County are well established, with many growing families of all ages. However, during weekends and holidays, you can see a lot more activity and excitement. Over the recent months roughly 602 homes have been sold with an average sold price of $390,706. That is a decrease of $52,715 from the previous period.

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Top Things To Do In Blount County

Blount County Museum - Hometown Realty

Blount County Historical Museum

Learn about the history of Blount County through exhibits and displays at this museum in Maryville.

Tuckaleechee Caverns

Explore the underground wonders of Tuckaleechee Caverns, located in Townsend, Blount County. The guided tours offer insights into the geological formations.

Little River Railroad and Lumber Company Museum

Learn about the history of the Little River Railroad and the logging industry in the region through exhibits and artifacts.

Townsend Wye

A popular spot for tubing and relaxing by the river. You can enjoy picnics, fishing, or simply taking in the scenic views.

Great Smoky Mountains Heritage Center

Located in Townsend, this center showcases the cultural history of the region through exhibits, artifacts, and educational programs.

Maryville-Alcoa Greenway

This local greenway system offers walking and biking trails, providing a pleasant way to enjoy the outdoors.

Foothills Milling Company

Enjoy a meal at this popular restaurant in Maryville known for its Southern cuisine. The historic building adds to the charm of the dining experience.

Maryville Farmers Market

If you’re visiting during the appropriate season, explore the local farmers market for fresh produce, handmade crafts, and more.

Sampson’s Hollow

This picturesque wedding venue in Walland, Blount County, is also open to the public. The serene surroundings are perfect for a quiet retreat.

Blount County Historical Museum

Learn about the history of Blount County through exhibits and displays at this museum in Maryville.

Outdoor Activities

Explore the natural beauty of the county by hiking in the local parks or enjoying a day at one of the nearby lakes, such as Tellico Lake.

Around The Area

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Popular Neighborhoods in Blount County

Royal Oaks (Maryville)

Royal Oaks is a residential community located in Maryville. It likely features a mix of housing styles, potentially including single-family homes. Maryville itself is known for its historic downtown, educational institutions like Maryville College, and a generally friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Monte Vista (Maryville)

Monte Vista is another neighborhood in Maryville, offering various housing options. Maryville, as a town, has a diverse range of amenities, parks, and community events. It’s a place with a strong sense of community and a focus on maintaining a high quality of life.

Mint Meadows (Alcoa)

Mint Meadows is situated in Alcoa, an area neighboring Maryville. Alcoa is known for hosting McGhee Tyson Airport and is characterized by a mix of residential and industrial areas. The town has a history tied to the aluminum industry.

City of Friendsville

Friendsville is a smaller town within Blount County. While it might not have distinct neighborhoods in the urban sense, it likely features various residential areas where residents enjoy a more relaxed and community-oriented lifestyle. Friendsville is located along the Little Tennessee River.

Wildwood (Maryville)

Wildwood is a residential area within Maryville, offering a mix of housing options. Maryville, in general, is recognized for its outdoor recreational opportunities, historic sites, and a range of community-focused activities.


Blount County Schools

Blount County, Tennessee, is served by a school district that encompasses a range of educational institutions from elementary to high school levels. The schools in the area typically prioritize academic excellence, community engagement, and a supportive learning environment. Students have access to various extracurricular activities, including sports, arts, and clubs, fostering a well-rounded educational experience. The community values education, and schools often play a central role in community events and activities. Blount County’s school system is committed to preparing students for future success, whether that be in higher education or the workforce.

Schools In The Area

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Blount County FAQs

What are the main towns in Blount County?

Maryville, Alcoa, Townsend, Friendsville, and Louisville are some of the main towns in Blount County.

What is the cost of living in Blount County?

The cost of living in Blount County is generally considered to be lower than the national average, making it an attractive place for residents seeking affordability.

Are there outdoor recreational activities in Blount County?

Yes, Blount County is home to part of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, providing opportunities for hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities. There are also local parks, greenways, and rivers for recreation.

What schools are in Blount County?

Blount County is served by the Blount County Schools district, with various elementary, middle, and high schools, including Maryville High School, William Blount High School, and Alcoa High School.

What is the population of Blount County?

The population of Blount County was around 138,319.

Are there local events and festivals in Blount County?

Yes, Blount County hosts various events and festivals throughout the year, celebrating local culture, arts, and community spirit.

What industries are prominent in Blount County?

Blount County has a diverse economic landscape, including manufacturing, aviation (with McGhee Tyson Airport), tourism, and agriculture.

Is Blount County a good place to retire?

Many retirees are attracted to Blount County for its scenic beauty, outdoor activities, and relatively low cost of living. However, individual preferences may vary.

What is the climate like in Blount County?

Blount County experiences a humid subtropical climate with four distinct seasons. Summers are warm and humid, while winters can bring colder temperatures and occasional snowfall. Fall is known for vibrant foliage, and spring is generally mild and pleasant.

What transportation options are available in Blount County?

Blount County is served by major roadways, including US Route 129 and State Routes 33 and 321. Public transportation is limited, but there are taxi services and car rental options. McGhee Tyson Airport in Alcoa provides air travel services.


Blount County Real Estate

Blount County, Tennessee, offers a diverse real estate landscape, encompassing a mix of residential options, from single-family homes in scenic neighborhoods to historic houses in towns like Maryville and Alcoa. With its proximity to the Great Smoky Mountains, the county features properties with picturesque views, including mountain vistas and riverfront access. Acreage and farms are also available for those seeking larger, more rural spaces. Various subdivisions and planned communities provide a sense of community, while commercial real estate can be found in downtown areas and business parks. The overall real estate market in Blount County is characterized by a blend of affordability, historic charm, and opportunities for outdoor living, attracting homebuyers with diverse preferences. For accurate and current information, consulting with local real estate professionals is recommended.

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